Regularization Services

Routines and procedures for hiring, regularizing and legalizing foreign and national labor force, temporary or Resident authorization including the necessary procedures for issuing the necessary documentation requested.

Hiring foreigner work force

  • Work Permits / Visa, Residence authorization
  • Transformation of Temporary Residence Authorization or Visa extension
  • Employees moving process

Documental Advisory

  • Resident Authorization for Investor
  • Family Reunion
  • Naturalization process
  • Equal rights process
  • Nationality option
  • Re-registration of foreigners
  • Transcript of civil registry
  • Foreign verdict homologation
  • Consular visa (Consulates and Embassy)
  • Consular registration
  • Brazilian Passport
  • Foreigner passport renovation at local consulates
  • Legalization of background degree certificate

Brazilian documents for foreigners

  • ID card (RNM CARD)
  • Labor Booklet
  • Driver license
  • Guidance / accompaniment for school documentation, scholarship degree and registration

Note: All documentary services can be performed in municipal, state and federal public agencies in Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Paraná, Pernambuco and Brasília (Capital), with correspondents contacts in the Embassies, Ministry of Justice, Labor and Foreign Affairs Ministry (Itamaraty), as well as in the Federal Court of Justice.