Reception Services

Reception, accommodation, legalization, orientation, acculturation and other services necessary for employees, consultants, service providers and visitors, for foreign and national companies, transfers and hosting.

Social and cultural adaptation

  • Personalized consultancy in the client’s nature language.
  • Orientation on the cultural aspects of local way of life and habits
  • Information on what the local structure offer and other services, such as: hospitals, banks, churches, security, health, local associations and leisure.

Hosting and orientation for executives, technicians and visitors

  • Reception, transfer and conduction.
  • Support for temporary lodging: hotels, flats and apartment services.
  • Site seeing: visiting the best sites in town or in the region, according to the costumer interests.
  • Definitive residence: orientation on the searching, previous inspection at the moment of receiving and installation at the residence, with legal support when necessary.
  • Additional support for hiring corrective and preventive maintenance services as well as domestic employees.
  • Support for architecture, remodeling, gardening and decoration services hiring.
  • Translators (partial or full time).

Note: All activities above are personalized and lead by bilingual interpreters.

Transport, security and leisure

  • Car rental or private transport hiring.
  • Vans, helicopters and airplanes rental.
  • Personal security: agents (temporary and definitive) and escort, according to local legislation.
  • Orientation on the local ways of leisure and trips for regional, national or international tourism.